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TEDx August 2017

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Jeff spoke at our company and gave us an enormous amount of value that can be immediately applied to our lives at Google. Would totally recommend!
Alex - Data Team at Google
Jeff came in for a second time because he was such a hit the first time. He spoke about Millennials in the workplace. He is highly recommended! In fact, I just recommended him to my counterpart in another Club.
John - Program Chair Non Profit
Jeff spoke at our event in August 2016. He gave an intriguing talk that the audience absolutely loved! Highly recommend!
Rich - TEDx Organizer
Jeff spoke at our company and wow he is a very powerful speaker. He had us in a trace with excellent information to improve our lives with technology!
Shary - Head of Education at Wells Fargo
I brought Jeff in for a company wide event and he delivered excellent value in a very entertaining way. Unlike other speakers where they are entertaining and lack value, or very valuable back not entertaining. Can’t wait to start applying what we learned!
Kendall - Head of HR at Fond
I was really moved by Jeff’s talk. He spoke from the heart and really cares about the audience. So glad we got Jeff for our event!
Karyl - TEDx Organizer
Jeff’s talk…it was awesome! Hire him!
Tina - HOBY
I invited Jeff to speak at our group. He really captivated and entertained the audience. He additionally presented very thought provoking material that left our assembly talking about for hours after.
Debra - Bay Area Teacher
Jeff spoke at our club this past month. Between a 1-10 rating talk, I would give it an 11!
John- CEO at JR Associates
Jeff spoke to our company for an internal event. He blew the socks off of everyone. He definitely knows his stuff and brings such positive energy into the company!
Calvin - Software Team At Citrx
Jeff serves up an interesting topic on addiction to devices and opens up a discussion about productivity and machines…they can actually make you less productive!” It makes sense and it is an eye opener. Very interesting.
Kathy - Branch Manager at Coldwell Banker
Jeff gave a presentation to our group of elite Mastermind members. He did an excellent job of supplying very valuable tools that myself and the other members could use on a day to day basis. Looking forward to his next talk!
Raitis - CEO at Thrive Course
We hired Jeff to give a talk to our student body. Out of all of the speakers that came into our school Jeff was hands down the best speaker. He kept the student’s attention throughout the talk and left them better than when they came in.
Tom - Principal at Pennisula Alternative High School
Jeff spoke to my team at Mulesoft and gave a very entertaining talk on technology. Definitely recommend for your company event!
Brian - Sales At Mulesoft

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